Natalie (ronniekins77) wrote in towtheicontest,

Header Challenge #1

Header Challenge #1

:: Hey, guys. This is a first for this community and should be fun! <333

:: You can make a header out of any Friends image(s) that you wish! The header can be any size. Feel free to also submit a default icon to match the header. The only requirements is that a) the header must have towtheicontest on it somewhere and b) it must include all six of the friends.

:: Please submit your header and icon as a reply to this post.

:: When submitting, include the URLs of both the header and icon.

:: You are allowed to submit 2 headers.

:: All submissions need to be in by Wednesday, July 19 @ Midnight EST. This means you have two weeks to submit your headers.

:: Have fun & be creative!
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