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TOW The Icon Contests

Friends Icon Contest Community
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Hello! Welcome to towtheicontest, an icon contest community for the TV show Friends.

The founder of this community is Natalie/ronniekins77. She co-moderates this community with midorisour. Many, many thanks to the wonderful kickasselfgirl for all of her past help with this community.


- Each week there is a new challenge.
- You will have five days to submit an entry.
- Voting will take place on which icons are the best.
- Winners will be posted and a new challenge will be announced.
- Banners are made by the lovely aftereightmints.
- The current header and default icon were made by big_rock_show, the winner of our header challenge. Congratulations!


- When submitting an icon(s), please do so in reply to the post that announces the challenge.
- Include the icon and the icon's URL. If you do not include the URL in your post, your icon will not be accepted.
- You are allowed to submit three icons.
- The icons you submit must be newly made. They can't be someone else's work nor can they have been entered into previous contests.
- In order to submit icons, you must become a member of this community first.


- Voting will be posted at the end of the week.
- You will vote on which icon best fits into the following categories.

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Most Creative/Unique
Best Use of Coloring
Best Use of Text

- In addition, you will vote on the theme for the next icon challenge.
- When you vote, you are not allowed to vote for your own icon(s). It's not fair to others and it's not fair to you either. If we find out that you have, you will be banned from the community.
- Until the voting is done and the winners are announced, you are not allowed to post the icon(s) you submitted anywhere.
- From now on, you do have a to be a member of this community to vote.


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