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Icon Challenge #37.

Icon Challenge #37:

- The theme of this challenge is Chandlerisms. Your icon can be text-only or it can include a picture... but it must include a Chandlerism in it. Make sense? Basically, it's like a combination of the Quotes challenge and the Chandler challenge. If you need further clarification on what a Chandlerism is or anything related to this challenge, make a comment to this post.

- When submitting your icon(s), please do so in response to this post, no other.

- Include the icon AND the icon's url. If you do not include the url in your comment, your icon will not be accepted.

- You are allowed to submit [up to] 3 icons.

- In order for your icons to qualify, you must be a member of this community.

- Submission deadline is Friday, June 23rd @ Midnight (P. S. T.).

P. S. - Please continue voting for the icons in Challenge #36. There is currently a tie for 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place. I will remove this text when the ties are broken and the winners are posted. I'd like to post the winners by Monday night, so please vote if you haven't done so yet! Thank you!
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