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VOTING for Header Challenge #1.

Sorry, guys. I fell asleep early on the 11th :/.

I could have sworn there was another entry, but the comment is not where it was. If the entrant accidentally deleted their comment and wants to resubmit it, I may repost voting.

1. Header #1/

2. Header #2/

3. Header #3/

4. Header #4/

5. Header #5/

6. Header #6/

- Please vote for which header and icon pair you feel best fits these two categories:
  • 1st Place.
  • Honourary Mention.

- DO NOT vote for your creation(s) in EITHER of the categories. I will ban you from the community if you do.

- The header and icon that win 1st Place will be the ones used for this community.

- Honourary Mention... well, I'm kind of putting that one in the place of Peer's Choice this time. For H/M, choose whichever header and icon you liked second to whatever you chose for 1st Place.

Poll #819772 Voting for Header Challenge #1.

1st Place

Honourary Mention

Next Challenge

Theme: Recurring/Special Guest Stars
Theme: Exes.
Theme: Hugs.
Theme: Specific Season.

- Voting will end on Friday night, barring any personal emergencies or voting extensions.

- If you have any other suggestions for future themes, please let us know! You can do so here. Please submit any ideas you have! We need your help for future challenge options!!

- If you have any questions or need to contact me for any other reason, leave a comment here. All comments will be screened before they become viewable (and some, of course, may remain screened.
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