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Mod Stuff Part Deux

Hi there! The hiatus I put this community on ended up lasting much longer than I expected. I assume that the members of this community would like an explanation, so I am happy to give one (and yes, I'm following the format of ronniekins77's last "Mod Stuff" post!), plus I am mentioning a few other important things!

- What Happened?!: Natalie/ronniekins77 has been occupied with college and such. Personally, I've been from California to Tennessee (to see my best friend), Tennessee to Texas to Tennessee and many states in between, and now I'm back in California. Things are still rather funky for me because I'm trying to figure out how to GTFO of California and go see my friend again ASAP (hopefully permanently this time!). So... As you can hopefully understand, both Natalie and myself have been and still are quite busy this year. However, both of us really want to bring this amazing community back. Which brings me to my next point...

- Help Wanted!: Since the two of us are so busy, we need some help! I am looking to add on one co-moderator, possibly two if deemed necessary. You would be helping out by posting the voting, new challenges, reminders, etcetera. A schedule will be ironed out later on. If you know you will have the free time to help us out, please comment (comments will be screened at first.)! It would be much appreciated if you gave Natalie and myself a brief description of your experience moderating/maintaining LJ communities (how many, for how long, etc.!), how available you'll be, and any other details you would like to include. A decision will be made very soon.

- New Layout!: big_rock_show was the winner of our header challenge. At long last, I have installed the winning header and icon, and changed the layout colours to match it. What do you guys think?

- PROMOTE!: I'm borrowing this quote from ronniekins77's last Mod Stuff post... "To allow this community to have more publicity, I offer the members a challenge. Go out and tell your friends about this community! If a friend joins this community because they've heard about it from you, tell them to leave a comment saying that it was you who recommended this community to them. As a reward, you will be able to pick the challenge for one week. Sound like fun? Get cracking!" - I'd like to renew this offer, so once again... get cracking!

- Icon Challenge #38: This challenge is still going on. Before I can post a new one, I'd like to extend #38 for one final week. We need more than the 9 icons submitted, so if you haven't yet made up (up to!) 4 icons for it... you still have time. Enter here!!

- The Future!: Speaking of future themes... if you have any ideas to suggest, please leave them here. Thank you!

- New Affiliate!: We have a new affiliate - lundibleu! It's actually my icon journal, but I do think that the members of this community would be interested. I posted all the old icons I made prior to my icon journal's creation, plus I've posted many 100% new sets since. Please check it out and join! Don't forget to watch it as well, so that you don't miss my updates. Feel free to tell your friends about it as well. The more members I have, the more icons I can make.

That's about it for now. If you have any questions/comments/ideas/musings, ANYTHING to say at all, please feel free to reply to this post. All comments will still be screened for now.

P. S. - aftereightmints: Are you still around and willing to be the banner maker? If not, it's completely ok. I just wanted to ask since the community has been on hiatus for long and I'm sure you are very busy as well. Let me know :). Also... I've updated the userinfo a bit, and included a little credit to you because I felt you deserved it. Thank you for all of your previous time/hard work!
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